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HYBRID - First Collection

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

HYBRID. is Stephanie's very first Collection in Fashion Design and Garment making techniques, created for her final exam at ESMOD university, Roubaix France.

Representing an intersection of Design and technology, and inspired by the gills of mushrooms. It fusions traditional Haute couture garment making techniques as well as new innovative and experimental techniques around the 3D pen technology. She went on a journey of researching how to use a 3D pen in order to create the textile as well as the garment with only one material, or filament.

The material used for the 3D manual printed garments is TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) and is 100% recyclable. The filament and the pen are by 3Doodler, and were Stéphanie's very first approach to 3D printing technologies. It was a very new and challenging journey in garment construction for the designer as she had only been familiar with traditional techniques at that time.

The textile creation was immediately shaped into the pattern pieces by a precise and repetitiv motion of the pen. This work requires a lot of patience! It takes about 80 hours of work to create the piece on the right picture. This collection has a total of 18 garments; some are completely made of fabric, others have added pieces of 3D pen elements, and 2 pieces are fully made with the 3D pen.

This collection is a true fusion of traditional Couture and new technologies. It's an Hybrid! In it's very raw and experimental form.

It embodies force and elegance of the feminin in a new futuristic way.

The designer says: ' Inpired by the gills of mushrooms and Iris Van Herpen, I wanted the design to be myteriously classy and feminin with a touch of clean futurism. ' - Stéphanie Santos


You can find the full Design Book of the Collection here :

More insights of the designer and the collection can be found in the following interview (in French) :


Check out the teaser of HYBRID

Full concept book here :

Thank you for your interest.

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